LDPE/ZIF-8 composite as a cathode in an electron battery

1. Duško Dudić, Department of Chemistry, University of the Free State, Private Bag X13, Phuthaditjhaba, 9866 South A, Serbia

The problem of electricity storage is today the most significant limiting factor for the use of autonomous electric vehicles and the wider use of electricity from the solar panels. Rechargeable lithium batteries are currently the best choice for storing electricity for most industrial needs and products. Environmental and safety risks associated with this type of battery, their price and relatively short life are the reasons why great efforts are being made today in the search for a more suitable type of battery. The idea of a battery in which the processes of charging and discharging take place by the movement of electrons, not ions, is relatively new. This article contributes to the development of that idea. A significant improvement in the electron deposition characteristics in a non-polar polymer (linear low density polyethylene - LDPE) was presented, which was achieved by adding a small proportion (4%) of the non-polar metal-organic complex (ZIF-8).

Tematska oblast: SIMPOZIJUM A - Nauka materije, kondenzovane materije i fizika čvrstog stanja

Datum: 17.08.2020.

Contemporary Materials 2020 - Savremeni Materijali

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