1. Rade Biočanin, Državni univerzitet u Novom Pazaru, Novi Pazar, Serbia
2. Mirsad Imamović, Internacionalni univerzitet Travnik, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bosnia and Herzegovina
3. Zilha Demović, Internacionalni univerzitet Travnik, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bosnia and Herzegovina

This long-awaited spring and summer, which we have all been looking forward to, has been dominated by "force" in modern international relations - an invisible enemy, this time perhaps the most dangerous biological agent - the Corona virus (COVID-19). The main source of infection was the populous world power China, and then it moved violently (with numerous ways of spreading) to all parts of the world (in Italy, Spain, Iran and the USA the most). So, this suddenly appeared virus, which caused a pandemic, fear and panic to humanity all over the planet Earth, should neither be underestimated nor overestimated. Biological weapons include organisms or toxins that can be used to kill, disabling and preventing the opponent, and in addition to what can be produced, we also find it in natural environment. It is characterized by a high degree of toxicity, is poorly observed and relatively easy distributes. This type of weapon causes mass casualties, a large number of injured and exposed people who need medical attention, and the pollution that can occur is a constant danger. It also differs from classic weapons in that it is easier to hide, and its price is much lower, so it is partly because some countries have perfected and sweetened it in large quantities for military use.Truths and misconceptions about it are at every step, and science, biochemists, doctors and ecologists are now a priority task - to discover the real effects and consequences, and quickly find the right solution for prevention, bio-chemical protection and elimination of consequences, with quality and accuracy informing the public through the mass media. We intend to to put on the light events that are the consequence of human mistakes, and that shuold be avioded in the future, discuss potentional threat and consequences, tell something abuut intentional epidemia spreding, and possible and needed prevention. Destiny of now and future society will depened on domination of mechanistic approach to reality and an projecting of safety paradigm i.e. sustainable development. So, the aim of this work is to indicate the importance realization of this concept. Finally,we want to pay your attention, and sugesst measures that should be the enterprise of the highest levels in the aim of epidemic prevention and protection, to avoid enormous catastroph

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Tematska oblast: SIMPOZIJUM A - Nauka materije, kondenzovane materije i fizika čvrstog stanja

Datum: 17.08.2020.

Contemporary Materials 2020 - Savremeni Materijali

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