Information Technology as a mechanism for managing the quality of education

1. Svitlana Karapysh, Poltava State Agrarian Academy, Poltava, Ukraine, Ukraine

The article covers topical issues of effective implementation of the latest information technologies in the management of secondary schools. It was found that the mechanism of informatization of the educational environment is of special importance for ensuring high-quality educational activities, both managerial and educational. Recommendations for the creation of a single information educational environment of the education management system have been developed. The article reveals the innovative mechanisms of education management in the information society, clarifies the prerequisites and factors of such management. The author substantiates the problems that arise in the management of education in the process of transition to the information society. It is determined that information technologies have a positive effect on all components of the education system. The current directions of quality management of education in the modern educational space from the standpoint of the New Ukrainian School and the definition of innovative ways to solve them are covered. Mechanisms for ensuring the quality of professional training of management personnel in the field of education using cloud technologies are revealed.

Кључне речи: information technologies; education management system; information society; education quality management; cloud technologies.

Тематска област: СИМПОЗИЈУМ Б - Биоматеријали и наномедицина

Датум: 08.09.2020.

Contemporary Materials 2020 - Savremeni Materijali

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