- Work: Review of Coating Processes in Order to Improve the Performance of Hydraulic Pumps

Review of Coating Processes in Order to Improve the Performance of Hydraulic Pumps

1. Milutin M. Živković, Akademija strukovnih studija Šumadija (ASSŠ) – Odsek Trstenik, 37240 Trstenik, Serbia
2. Milan Milosavljevic, Albania
3. Predrag Dašić, SaTCIP Publisher Ltd., 36610 Vrnjačka Banja i Visoka tehnička mašinska škola strukovnih studija (VTM, Serbia

Coating processes are used to apply a very thin layer of material (coating) of a certain thickness to the base material, which changes its dimensions and characteristics. They significantly improve the physical, chemical, mechanical, electrical and tribological characteristics of parts and complete systems, and can also serve as protection (eg against corrosion). The reliability and efficiency of devices exposed to this treatment, and thus complete systems, produces their service life, reduces energy loss, expressed by reduced friction, reduced maintenance costs, and thus overall downtime. Coating processes may be classified as follows: Vapor deposition (chemical vapor deposition – CVD and physical vapor deposition – PVD), Chemical and electrochemical techniques, Spraying, Roll-to-roll coating processes, Physical coating processes and etc. The paper gives an overview of the coating processes both in terms of the application process and the achieved hardness and depth of the applied layer. Recommendations for the choice of treatment methods, the quality of the treated surfaces as a comparative analysis of the costs of thermochemical treatment on the example of the basic parts of hydraulic pumps are also given.

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Thematic field: SIMPOZIJUM A - Nauka materije, kondenzovane materije i fizika čvrstog stanja

Date: 03.09.2021.

Contemporary Materials 2021 - Savremeni Materijali

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