1. Stojko Biočanin, Ministarstvo Odbrane Republike Srbije, Serbia
2. Željko Bulatović, Vojnotehnički Institut Beograd, Serbia
3. Aleksandar Milašinović, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This paper presents methods of measurement and analysis of instantaneous angular velocity at the free end of a ten-cylinder OM403 engine crankshaft regarding different operating conditions in the engine cylinders. The angular velocity was measured under laboratory conditions, by using an opto-electronic incremental rotary encoder, directly mounted on the free end of the crankshaft. Additionally, a simplified mathematical model for instantaneous angular velocity of the crankshaft has been developed which simulates the same operating conditions in the engine cylinders as during the experiment. At the end, the results of the measurement and mathematical model were analyzed and compared. The goal of this paper is to give a practical contribution to studies introducing the measured crankshaft speed as a key parameter for the detection of working cycle disturbances in particular engine cylinders.

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