Use of aquifers as heat source of heat pumps

1. Miloš Banjac, Serbia

For several decades, aquifers have represented common heat sources for Ground Source Heat Pumps - GSHP. Such a method of groundwater use, its abstraction and re-injection in the ground after thermal exploitation (cooling), results in the creation of cold temperature fields in the ground – a cold "thermal plume". At the same time, for the sustainability of GSHP systems, it is possible, with additional solar energy collected during the summer period and its accumulation in those same aquifers, to annul this phenomenon. Moreover, if significantly greater amounts of heat are accumulated, it is possible to form a so-called - thermal storage reservoir. Since the efficiency of GSHP systems directly depends on the temperature of the heat source - aquifers, controlled formation and maintenance of the anthropogenic geothermal resource, can significantly increase the energy efficiency of the entire GSHP system.
In this paper is given an overview and analysis of the usefulness of the developed mathematical models, which describing the thermal field that is appear in the field of groundwater aquifers, in the case of using coupled pair of wells a as coupled pair of heat source and heat sink.

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Datum: 09.02.2011.

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11th International Conference on Accomplishments in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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