What is the future of operations management in small and medium business - case of Serbia

What is the future of operations management in small and medium business - case of Serbia

1. Vladimir Skoric, Serbia

Operations management (OM), in the broadest sense, is concerned with the production of goods and services. It involves managing people, equipment, technology, information, and many other resources. OM is the key factor to success and competitiveness of business, especially in newborn companies and the transfer of knowledge from this area is the basics for preparing the manager for the application of these techniques. The basic elements for transfer of knowledge in OM are: understanding the area, importance, clear presentation of the content and single performance in the countries without doubling and mixing with other areas or studying programmes and institutions that deal with the education in this area and course content.This paper aims to show the importance of knowledge transfer in the field of operations management in the sector of small and medium enterprises, and to present the possible solutions which could be implemented in the future and which could increase the competences and potential of SMEs on regional level. In order to achieve the goals mentioned before, three relations of knowledge transfer were researched: from OM academic institutions to SME, from SME to OM academic institutions and from SME and OM academic institutions to third parties. The paper is valuable for researchers, SME sector, OM community, associations, academic staff and Universities as well as professionals for better understanding of the actual OM status and knowledge transfer in order to improve it.

Tematska oblast: Universities and entrepreneurism

Datum: 01.07.2012.

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