Algorithm for linear motion control with a jerk as input parameter

1. Bojan Knezevic, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A strong jerk occurs when linear motion systems starts and stops. Uncontrollable jerk value has detrimental effects on the electrical drive and a mechanical subsystem. Modern drives have the ability to control speed, so we can indirectly control the jerk. This paper presents a mathematical model that generates a reference to the desired speed of the electrical drive in the function of pre-defined jerk value which is the basis for developing control algorithm. Like example of linear motion the algorithm was tested in Matlab for the real case of passenger elevator.

Tematska oblast: Mehatronika

Uvodni rad: Da

Datum: 16.02.2011.

Br. otvaranja: 762

11th International Conference on Accomplishments in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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