1. Danica Stanković, Arhitektonsko-građevinski fakultet Niš , Serbia
2. Aleksandra Kostić, Arhitektonsko-građevinski fakultet Niš , Serbia
3. Vojislav Nikolić, Arhitektonsko-građevinski fakultet Niš , Serbia
4. Aleksandra Cvetanović, Arhitektonsko-građevinski fakultet Niš , Serbia

During its historical development, materials and architecture have always been inextricably linked. More recently, the application of modern materials and new achievements in architecture around the world have actualized the issue of the relation between architectural aesthetics and technology. Technological advancement allows the creation of new forms and a new way of shaping materials. Therefore, smart and nano-technologically have a significant impact on modern buildings, but also on the emergence of a new architectural expression and style. Using analytical descriptive methodology and research literature, this paper focuses on the analysis of selected case studies, in order to determine the impact of new technologies and modern materials on the ecological and aesthetic needs of today's architecture.

Ključne reči: contemporary materials; new technologies; architecture; aesthetics

Tematska oblast: SIMPOZIJUM A - Nauka materije, kondenzovane materije i fizika čvrstog stanja

Datum: 01.07.2018.

Contemporary Materials 2018 - Savremeni Materijali

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