FTA and FMEA in predicting incidental conditions in cable cars and ski lifts

1. Milomir Čupović, Saudi Arabia

Incidental conditions are unwonted events in any socio-technical system. If there are technical systems for mass human transport, such as cable cars and ski lifts in ski resorts, the importance of prediction of such events is even greater.
The role of the security systems on chair-lifts or ski lift is to detect and prevent any illegal situation on the installations that can cause a possible incident. Inherent properties of mounted security system components, determine the quality of carrying out the task.
Based on previous author’s researches about significance of chair-lifts and ski lifts subsystems, from the point of occurrence of incidental conditions, the paper analyzes the security subsystems. It describes the functions of subsystems, and using the FTA we define the cause that leads to the peak of the event. Using matrix form of FMEA we identified subassembly security system, which incorrect functioning can lead to the incident as final result. On discovered subassembly we also apply FMEA in order to recognize failure modes that can lead to incidental state. Also we proposed actions to be taken in maintenance in order to avoid the observed phenomena.
The paper used operations data for chair-lift and ski lifts, in ski center of Kopaonik, collected in the period 1997 - 2003, as well as data from RIAC database and OREDA handbook.

Tematska oblast: Održavanje tehničkih sistema

Uvodni rad: Da

Datum: 30.12.2010.

Br. otvaranja: 812

11th International Conference on Accomplishments in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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