1. Plavka Skakun, Armenia

Friction between die and workpiece material has influence in almost every metal forming process. Reduction of friction leads to reduction of required forming load of certain process. It also influences in positive way die wear (it reduces it) and quality of the final product. That is the reason why research of different kind of lubricants is very important and has great influence at metal forming processes. An efficient lubrication system is essential for ensuring production with satisfactory quality. Conventionally, in cold metal forming processes, coating of zinc phosphate is applied. This is very efficient way of friction reduction in cold extrusion, where large surface expansion and high normal pressure between workpiece and tool occurs. Zinc phosphate coating is not environmental friendly, due to sludge accumulation in baths and its associated content of heavy metals. That is the reason why new, environmental benign lubricants have been developed.
In this paper results of determination of friction coefficient for different lubricants have been presented. Both environmental benign and environmental hazardous lubricants were used. Experimental method for friction coefficient determination was ring compression test. Results of the test were used to compare values of friction coefficient for different type of lubricants. Four different types of lubrication were applied

Tematska oblast: Proizvodne tehnologije i inženjerstvo

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Datum: 21.01.2011.

Br. otvaranja: 822

11th International Conference on Accomplishments in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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