In an increasingly transparent world where information flow is fast and limitless, organisations need to get up to speed and match the heightened expectations of a progressively sophisticated, heterogeneous and demanding customer.

We see organisations furiously investing in, among other things, customer experience metrics, digital technologies, data analytics, VOC programs, in a bid to better understand their customers. We witness the dedication devoted to customer journey studies, designthinking and empathy mapping – deliberate efforts designed to take more control over their customers’ journey so organisations can pre-empt and minimise the occurrence and impact of a ‘bad experience’.

But, devising a successful customer experience strategy is never easy. Even with all the right technologies and formulas in place, each organisation is unique and will require tailormade CX initiatives. To make significant difference in leveraging CX to increase business profitability, CX practitioners fundamentally need internal buy-in. What are the strategies for instilling a ‘customer-first’ culture? How do we prove CX ROI to management?

IQPC’s Customer Experience Management Asia Summit is Asia’s largest show dedicated to enhancing customercentricity across your organisation.


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