MECHATECH / International Mechanical Engineering and Technologies Conference

MECHATECH '16 / International Mechanical Engineering and Technologies Conference

Kratki naziv: MECHATECH '16

Papers will be published in DAKAM's online library and in the proceedings e-book (with an ISBN number), which will be given to you in a DVD box and will be sent to be reviewed in the "Thomson & Reuters WOS' Conference Proceedings Citation Index-CPCI"


Process Management

Manufacturing Science and Technologies

Reliability and Maintenance Engineering

Total Quality Management and Quality Engineering

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

Non-Traditional Machining processes

Machinability of Materials, Composite Materials


Design Tools, Cutting Tool Material and Coatings

Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy Techniques

HAVAC Technologies and Applications

Fluid Dynamics, Bio-fuels, Fuel Cells

CAD/CAM, Automation & Robotics

Advances Aero space Technology

Naval Technologies

Transportation Systems

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Jezici English,
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Rok za prijavu učešća 06.05.2016.
Početak konferencije 17.05.2016.
Završetak konferencije 17.05.2016.


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