Summer School (LTE-UCY series)

2016 Summer School (2nd in the LTE-UCY series)

Kratki naziv: 2016 Summer School

Transportation systems analysis, an interdisciplinary epistemological area from its conceptual beginnings, have relied upon assumptions related to social/collective and/or personal/disaggregate organization of desires that expressed or satisfied by the mobility of people and goods. This intensive three day school will provide attendants with training on advances in acquiring, handling, processing and analyzing transportation-related Big Data. The focus will be on capturing patterns related to mobility of people and goods, by identifying the limitations and challenges in such computational paradigms. The invited lecturers are internationally renowned individuals from the academia and industry, with years of real-world applications experience. Several case studies will be presented and team-based, hands-on, afternoon practicums. The school is targeted at graduate and PhD students, engineers, researchers, consultants and government employees who wish to improve their understanding and skills in Big Data Analytics.
Tip Radionica
Karakter skupa Međunarodni
Naučna oblast Informacione i komunikacione tehnologije
Jezici English,
Podrazumjevani jezik English

Važni datumi

Vremenska zona (GMT +2:00) Kaliningrad, South Africa
Rok za prijavu učešća 15.05.2016.
Početak konferencije 01.06.2016.
Završetak konferencije 03.06.2016.


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