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Lokacija: Leliezaal, The Hague (Dutch: 's-Gravenhage or Den Haag), Netherlands


Dropship: Hype or the future?


You've probably heard or seen it before: dropshipping. Thanks to the rapidly increasing globalization and technologies, it is now very easy to trade online products worldwide. And that's what dropshipping is about. You sell a product without having a stock of it. You buy it from the wholesaler and deliver it to the end user. Of course it is not easy if it is there now. How does the business model work and why does everyone not immediately succeed in dropshipping?


Unlike other online courses, this dropship course is a learning environment with a very enthusiastic community where beginners gather to better understand the concept. Anyone can take this course and everyone will be given effective methods and strategies to set up your own successful dropship store so that you can eventually earn passive income. Because the latest technology and market analyzes are placed, you stay informed of the latest marketing strategies. Can't get anywhere? Call on the community. Discover the next steps you can take to grow your business during these sessions. What do we actually cover during our course and what will you master at the end?


- Tips and tricks to get started easily

- Take on the market leaders as a beginner

- Advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping

- Create your own target group and customer segment

- The right store with the right products that suit you

- Avoid loss in the first months


Who are we?

We as Hire & Holding Germany B.V. started dropshipping for our webshops in 2011. However, after years of experience and online sales, we have decided to help people with that. This also caused more and more people to ask us for help and expertise. That is why we decided to give courses to help several people start their own dropship store at the same time.


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Karakter skupa Međunarodni
Naučna oblast Društvene nauke
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Jezici English,
Podrazumjevani jezik English

Važni datumi

Vremenska zona (GMT +1:00 hour) Belgrade, Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris
Rok za prijavu učešća 16.10.2020.
Početak konferencije 30.10.2020.
Završetak konferencije 30.10.2020.


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