The 1st International Business & Entrepreneurial – BEE conference 2016

Business & Entrepreneurial Economics Conference

The 1st International Business & Entrepreneurial – BEE conference 2016

Kratki naziv: BEE2016

The 1st International Business & Entrepreneurial – BEE conference 2016 tends to gather experts, researchers, practitioners and other professionals from the fields of business, entrepreneurship and economics. The conference will include presentations and discussions that have a particular focus on the practice and gaining essential insight in current trends.

Conference participants will hear from thought leaders and have the opportunity to share their ideas, practices and discuss important issues. The objective is to utilize scientific, research, educational, business and entrepreneurial potential in order to contribute to a sustainable development.

BEE 2016 conference will be hosted at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb (Day 1) and Hotel Jezero in National Park Plitvice Lakes (Days 2 & 3). The conference is supported by The Faculty of Economics and Business University of Zagreb and Croatian Chamber of Economy.

Call for Papers

Student Business Incubator at the University of Zagreb and Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb would like to invite you to participate in the 1st International Business and Entrepreneurial Economics – BEE 2016 Conference that will take place on 18th-20th May in Zagreb (Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb – Day 1) and National Park Plitvice Lakes (Hotel Jezero – Days 2 & 3).

All participants have to register and attend the Conference. The authors of the papers have to personally present their papers. Selected papers will not be included in the process of reviewing for publishing after the Conference unless at least one of the authors has registered for the Conference.

Tip Konferencija
Karakter skupa Međunarodni
Naučna oblast Društvene nauke
Tematske oblasti Transparency, ethics in business and policy making
Quality management
Public finance
Projects – efficient mechanism of innovation and entrepreneurship
Organizational change and sustainability
Organization in new business environment
Region and regional development
Risk assessment and management
SME and entrepreneurship
Trade and international trade
Sustainable development
Strategy and competitiveness
Strategic management and monetary policy
Strategic entrepreneurship
Social entrepreneurship
Social capital
Labor economics and HRM
IT management
Economic growth and macroeconomic management
E-Business and E-government
Crisis management
Corporate social responsibility
Corporate governance
Corporate entrepreneurship
Business statistics/econometrics
Education, universities and life long learning
Environmental economics, regulation and management
International finance
Intellectual capital
Intellectual capital
Insurance and risk management
Innovation and innovative business models
Infrastructure, transport and economics
Financial markets and regulation
EU and new member states
Banking and accounting
Jezici English,
Podrazumjevani jezik English

Važni datumi

Vremenska zona (GMT +1:00 hour) Belgrade, Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris
Rok za dostavljanje apstrakta 30.12.2015.
Obavještenje o prihvatanju apstrakta 20.01.2016.
Rok za prijavu učešća 15.03.2016.
Početak konferencije 18.05.2016.
Završetak konferencije 20.05.2016.


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