IEEE International Conference on INnovations in Intelligent SysTems and Applications

The 4th International Conference on Big Data Innovations and Applications (Innovate-Data 2018)

Kratki naziv: INNOVATE DATA 2018

Lokacija: , Barcelona, Spain

The 4th International Conference on Big Data Innovations and Applications (Innovate-Data 2018) will be held in Barcelona, Spain on 6-8 August, 2018.

Innovate-Data 2018 is technically co-sponsorsed by the IEEE-CS TCI: IEEE Computer Society - Technical Committee on the Internet.


Big data has become a key asset in modern societies, economies, and governmental organizations. Big data encompasses various kinds of complex and large scale information that are beyond the processing capabilities of conventional software and databases. The increasing volume and velocity of the data, captured by business organizations, web repositories, social media, data centres, cloud and IoT, have resulted in the exponential growth of big data.



Big data provides a key basis for innovations in various domains and applications. It can benefit data managers, developers, companies and various kinds of organizations to carry out useful analysis of data pattern and trends, make intelligent decisions, and solve complex problems that can help societies and economies and speed up innovations.


The aim of the Innovate-Data conference is to promote the state of the art in scientific and practical research of big data and to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, and public sector in an effort to present their research work and share research and development ideas.


Tip Konferencija
Karakter skupa Međunarodni
Naučna oblast Informacione i komunikacione tehnologije
Jezici English,
Podrazumjevani jezik English

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Rok za prijavu učešća 02.08.2018.
Početak konferencije 06.08.2018.
Završetak konferencije 08.08.2018.


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