Lebanese University- Faculty Of Engineering

Beyrouth, Lebanon

+ 961 5 463 489
+ 961 5 463 419

The Faculty of Engineering was founded by the Decree 21 October 1974. This Decree entered in March 24, 1980. Dean: Dr. Rafic Younes The Faculty has three sections: 
• Section I: North Lebanon, Tripoli Street al-Kubba. Telephone: 06-385091. Director: Dr. Chayban Haykal 
• Section II: Mount Lebanon, Roumieh. Phone: 04-872208/9/10. Director: Dr. Marlene Kardahi. 
• Section III: Beirut, Hadath Campus. Phone: 05-463402-7-9. Director: Dr. Mohamad Hamdan.

The Faculty of Engineering of the Lebanese University in Tripoli was founded October 21, 1974 by Presidential Decree No. 9305. As a result of the Lebanese civil war that erupted in 1975, the Faculty of Engineering was divided into three branches by decree number 2373 dated October 24, 1979. It should be noted that during this period, the Faculty of Engineering existed only on paper. The decision to open its doors was made in 1980 after renting three buildings: the first in Tripoli, the second and third Roumieh near the roundabout of the bridge from the airport which was changed in 2005 to campus hadath. These buildings have the following characteristics: The Faculty of Engineering's main mission is to train high-level engineers with expertise in the field of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Sciences and Chemical Engineering. The training given to engineering students has a much deeper methodological laboratory practice. The Faculty of Engineering conducts teaching and research in three institutions: 
• Section I: El Kobba - North Lebanon. 
• Section II: Roumieh - Mount Lebanon. 
•section III: hadath campus - Beirut - Lebanon. .


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