The use of agricultural waste for a sustainable energy supply for greenhouse production

1. Vladimir Čavić, Energy Club, Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Petar Gvero, Mašinski fakultet Univerziteta u Banjoj Luci, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Given the enormous natural resources and potentials of our country is seen from the point of view of agriculture, which is reflected in the large areas of fertile arable land and a relatively favorable climate for the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, and flowers, and, as a topical story about the use of new technologies growing mainly vegetables and flowers in protected areas. In this paper is presented one modern technology solution for sustainable energy supply of a greenhouse using biomass as an fuel. It is a cogeneration (CHP) system for production electrical energy and energy for heating a greenhouse. CHP systems has a almost 95% efficiency which is way better then standard heating solutions. Used biomass is an agricultural waste(straw). Electricity is produced via Stirling engine which is installed on a straw combustion boiler, 200KW of power. Stirling engine uses high temperature gases, and he is delivering around a 35KWe of electric energy, which is later sent to the electric network an sold. Low temp. gases emitted from engine are used to heat a water for greenhouse heating. In addition to a straw combustion boiler is a one more 80KW boiler for wood combustion which is used to cover peak loads of system. In this paper is also given a cost-benefit and pay-back analyzes of given technical solution. Payback period of implemented system is around 5 years.

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Datum: 15.02.2013.

DEMI 2013

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