Thermal vision integration in mobile robot vision system

1. Ivan Ćirić, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Niš , Serbia
2. Žarko Ćojbašić, Univerzitet u Nišu, Mašinski fakultet, Serbia
3. Vlastimir Nikolic, University of Nis, Faculty of Mechanicla Engineering, Serbia
4. Predrag Živković, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Niš , Serbia
5. Dušan Petković, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Niš , Serbia
6. Mladen Tomić, The School of Higher Technical Professional Education, Niš, Serbia
7. Misa Tomić, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Niš , Serbia

In order to use the mobile robot platform for human detection and tracking, it is necessary to develop advanced vision system and intelligent top level control algorithm. In this paper integration of thermovision camera in robot vision system and intelligent supervisory control algorithm development for human detection and tracking is presented. The main goal of this research was to enable mobile robot platform to recognize the persons in indoor and outdoor environment, and to localize them with accuracy high enough to allow adequate human-robot interaction. With this approach a person can be detected independently from current light conditions and in situations where no skin color is visible. However, variation in temperature across same objects, blowing winds with different temperature gradients and person overlap while crossing each other, put challenges in thermal imaging and will have to be handled intelligently in order to obtain the efficient performance from motion tracking system. Presented research in this field includes making tracking system more robust and reliable by using the computational intelligence.

Ključne reči: robot vision; thermal vision; human tracking; computational intelligence

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Datum: 14.02.2013.

DEMI 2013

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