1. Predrag Živković, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Niš , Serbia
2. Mladen Tomić, The School of Higher Technical Professional Education, Niš, Serbia
3. Dušan Petković, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Niš , Serbia

Obtaining of all acceptable locations is one of the main tasks for siting of wind turbines However, ecconomical factors are usually very limiting. One of the possibilities to increase the rentability of the wind farm is to reduce the transport loses, as well as the initial investment, by using produced energy as close to the production site as possible. This paper focuses on the possibilities of Kopaonik mountain wind potentials usage in the existing extensive ski resort. The estimations were obtained using the WAsP simulation software. The results are compared by means of the quality and quantity of the wind data and capacity factor. Finally, the economical analysis of the acceptabillity of the installing of wind turbines was done.
This paper is concerned by the National Program of Energy Efficiency, project number: TR33036, funded by the Government of Republic of Serbia.

Ključne reči: wind power assesment; complex terrain; CFD; WasP; ski center

Tematska oblast: Energy and Thermal Engineering

Datum: 03.03.2015.

12th International conference on accomplishments in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology (DEMI 2015)

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