Dielectric properties of the lithium-polymer battery during charge and discharge

1. Danijela Vuković, Univerzitet u Banjaluci, Elektrotehnički fakultet, 78000 Banjaluka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Blanka Škipina, Univerzitet u Banjaluci, Tehnološki fakultet, 78000 Banjaluka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
3. Duško Dudić, INN Vinča, Serbia

Dielectric spectroscopy has been widely used for the analysis of electrochemical processes in batteries that are influenced by many variables. The results of dielectrical spectroscopy measurements are modeled very successfully by using electrical equivalent circuits. In this work the frequency dependence of impedance, dielectric permittivity and dielectric loss of Lithium-Polymer battery is analysed in detail. Dielectric properties have been studied over a range of frequency from 24 Hz to 75 kHz. Differences in impedance spectras between fully charged and discharged battery as well as other states of charge is observed and discussed.

Ključne reči: Dielectric spectroscopy; lithium-polymer battery; state of charge

Tematska oblast: SIMPOZIJUM A - Nauka materije, kondenzovane materije i fizika čvrstog stanja

Datum: 30.07.2020.

Contemporary Materials 2020 - Savremeni Materijali

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