Electric karting – from an idea to the realization

1. Boran Pikula, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of East Sarajevo , Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Mirza Smailbegovic, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is certain that the first steps of the vehicle controls each individual person were made in karting vehicle. Additional adrenaline and increase driving pleasure gives extremely high noise and the smell of combustion products that may still endure when the ride takes place on an open track during sunny days. However, for many years karting rides take place indoors when it is necessary to provide a special ventilation system for undesirable combustion products. In order to avoid problems of air pollution indoors, reduce noise, and raise awareness of young generations in terms of preservation of the environment, today is increasingly used electric karts. Having in mind the multiple benefits of electric drive, a reconstruction of karting vehicle with petrol engine in to electric karting is presented in the paper. Special attention was paid to the choice of electric powertrain, battery storage, and dynamic characteristics of the reconstructed electric vehicle.

Ključne reči: electric karting; ecology

Tematska oblast: Automotive and Traffic Engineering

Datum: 04.03.2015.

12th International conference on accomplishments in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology (DEMI 2015)

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