eKonferencije: Rialto Theatre

Rialto Theatre

Limassol, Cyprus
: Akademska institucija
: Mjesto održavanja


Rialto is a major performing arts venue serving the demands of multicultural audiences in Cyprus for exceptional local and international events in music, drama, cinema, dance and opera. Rialto was originally built in 1930 and was the first modern, by the standards of the age, cinema in Cyprus. Hosting both film as well as theatre productions, it remained a lively focal point in the cultural life of Limassol for nearly fifty years. Rialto was refurbished in the 90s, preserving important pieces of its past yet, completed with exceptionally modern equipment and substructures. Each year hundreds of performances organized inside the theatre and outdoors, attract thousands of spectators, establishing Rialto Theatre as one of the most important cultural institutions of the country.

Mjesto održavanja

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635 Sound & Music Computing Conferences 04.07.2018.