University of East Sarajevo

University of East Sarajevo

Istočno Sarajevo, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

+387 57 320 330
+387 57 320 330


University of East Sarajevo is an autonomous, scientific, educational and artistic institution consisting of fifteen faculties and two academies founded by Republic of Srpska.

Since its founding, the University has turned to regional and international cooperation, in order to achieve equal partnership at all levels.

Strategic objectives are the implementation of the Bologna process, raising the quality level of study, followed by participation in international scientific research projects, as well as other types of projects in the field of higher education, folding bilateral general and specific agreements with universities in the country and the world, the mobility of students and staff development activities related to international educational projects, and membership in international networks and institutions / organizations.

Outlined objectives are pursued through:

  • Educational activities
  • Scientific research activity
  • International Cooperation
  • Publishing activitiesprovision of intellectual services to business and public institutions
  • Issuing certificates validity of instruments
  • Purchase of books, journals, and other professional literature, equipment, materials and spare parts for the University organizations and networks whose member it is
  • Organization of conferences, seminars, workshops on domestic and international level, etc.
  • Project Management
  • Coordinating the activities of the University of institutions

International research projects and other projects in the areas of higher education and networks, in which UES participates are: Tempus, FP7CEEPUS IICOSTEUREKAUNESCO,USAID, and other types of projects in the areas of bilateral cooperation at regional, national and international level.

University of East Sarajevo is a member of several networks, associations, institutions / organizations at national and international level - the BiH Rectors' Conference, the European University Association - EUA, the Agency Network for Quality Assurance in Central and Eastern Europe - CEE, etc.


Geo koordinate: 43.82337 - 18.374467

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