Opportunities hydropower stations in Macedonia and potential of black river

1. Mile Spirovski

The structure of consumption and production capacity (15% hydro and 85% thermal) on the one hand, and the convenience of available sites on the R. Black offer the possibility of building a hydropower plant in the Republic of Macedonia. More specifically, the r. Black, which is the right tributary of r. Vardar there Tikves hydro and upstream of it are planned two hydro Cebren HPP and HPP Galishte. The results give an answer to the question as to whether HPP Cebren should be with the type of dam. Applied the model to obtain the results takes into account all the necessary restrictions, such as: capacity inlet and outlet bodies of individual plants, variation in height of some hydro power plants, variations in the lower elevations, the loss is taken and the characteristics of installed wind turbines themselves. Existing hydroelectric Tikves used, except for power generation and irrigation has Tikves fields, and are these limitations and restrictions pertaining to the required quality of water in certain months of the year should be entered in the r. Vardar, taken into account. Special attention is paid to work on the necessary instalations new two hydropower plants. The results are shown in tables and graphs.

Tematska oblast: Termotehnika i energetika

Uvodni rad: Da

Datum: 15.02.2011.

Br. otvaranja: 794

11th International Conference on Accomplishments in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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