Landfill gas as a fuel for a vehicle fleet for the city landfill

1. Vladan Ivanović, Mašinski fakultet u Crnoj Gori, Montenegro

By building sanitary landfill “Livade” in Podgorica, the conditions were made for building system for landfill gas capturing, which is the first phase in control of emission from landfill and its efficient usage.
Extraction and combustion of methane, the main component of landfill gas represents a significant contribution to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases effect.
This paper describes one possible use of landfill gas – as a fuel for vehicle fleet of landfill. This way of using landfill gas has significant ecological and economical effects on the operation of the landfill.

Tematska oblast: Saobraćajna sredstva i transport

Uvodni rad: Da

Datum: 24.12.2010.

Br. otvaranja: 1118

11th International Conference on Accomplishments in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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