Hydraulic pump in the of vehicle steering system

1. Jelena Eric Obucina, Germany

The paper presents a review of the hydraulic systems with power steering pump that is used in the control system for motor vehicles. Power steering system of vehicle reduces the steering effort on cars by using an external power source to assist in turning the wheels. Most power steering systems work by using a belt-driven pump to provide hydraulic pressure to the system. This hydraulic pressure is generated by a rotary vane pump which is driven by the vehicle's engine. As the speed of the engine increases, the pressure in the hydraulic fluid also increases, hence a relief valve is incorporated into the system to allow excess pressure to be bled away. While the power steering is not being used, i.e. driving in a straight line, twin hydraulic lines provide equal pressure to both sides of the steering wheel gear. When torque is applied to the steering wheel, the hydraulic lines provide unequal pressures and hence assist in turning the wheels in the intended direction. Vehicle producers and constructors are dealing with noise and vibration problems of hydraulics vehicle steering system. In this paper, possibilities for reducing noise and vibration of vehicle will be presented.

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Tematska oblast: Saobraćajna sredstva i transport

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Datum: 28.12.2010.

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11th International Conference on Accomplishments in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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