1. Edmond Hoxha, Faculty of Geology and Mine, Albania
2. Ekita Fetahu, Albania
3. Ruke Qaushu, Albania

The protection of natural resource is of a very high priority for Albania. "Dajti" Park is one of the most important areas in Albania due to the rich heritage and diversity of wildlife. This is due to the specific position (latitude and altitude above sea level), the diversity of its natural landscapes, plant associations, and variations on traditional land cultivation, which have shaped today's natural scenery. Many areas of the "Dajti" National Park are of a national and international conservation importance, with some species found only in a few habitats around the world. This paper presents damages in "Dajti" National Park in Tirana, Albania caused specifically by mining exploitation (opencast mine). The exploitation and granting of permits without clear criteria and no consultation with community have caused damages to the landscape, flora and fauna, forests, air and water, soil, putting at the same time in danger the life of the community. The paper identify damages, presents digital map of damages area, using GIS technology. The paper propose also the rehabilitation scheme, and gives recommendation for decision makers for future actions.

Ključne reči: Keywords: Environment protection; mining; GIS!

Tematska oblast: Logistički procesi i ekološki efekti

Datum: 12.09.2017.

7th Balkan Mining Congress

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