Fuel consumption of forwarder in lowland forests of broadleaved oak

1. Zdravko Pandur, Faculty of Forestry, Zagreb, Croatia
2. Marijan Šušnjar, Faculty of Forestry, Zagreb, Croatia
3. Marin Bačić, Faculty of Forestry, Zagreb, Croatia
4. Kruno Lepoglavec , Faculty of Forestry, Zagreb,, Croatia
5. Hrvoje Nevečerel, Faculty of Forestry, Zagreb, Croatia

Fuel consumption in wood harvesting processes is significant for economic and environmental reasons. For economic reasons, most of the costs of wood harvesting are reduced to fuel costs, and for environmental reasons because 80 to 95% of exhaust emissions and soot particles in forest machinery are associated with fuel consumption.
The fuel consumption was measured on two different types of forwarders manufactured by Valmet during the winter shelterwood cuts while forwarding technical and energy wood. Measuring instruments used are differential fuel flow meter and measuring probe, and FMS (Fleet Management System) for measuring data transmission.
In the results, fuel consumption is expressed in five different ways, such as hourly, over distance traveled, per transported volume and mass of the load, as well as in dependence on mass and distance traveled. Fuel consumption is also stated for individual cycle components. Finally, the advantages and disadvantages of used fuel measuring devices are shown

Ključne reči: fuel consumption;; forwarder;; lowland forests of broadleaved oak;; technical wood;; energy wood

Tematska oblast: Korišćenje šumskih resursa i lovstvo

Datum: 22.09.2017.

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25 godina šumarstva Republike Srpske

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