Fostering Innovation in Forestry

1. Mario Šporčić, Faculty of Forestry, Zagreb, , Croatia
2. Matija Landekić, Faculty of Forestry, Zagreb, , Croatia
3. Stjepan Posavec, Faculty of Forestry, Zagreb, , Croatia
4. Matija Bakarić, Faculty of Forestry, Zagreb, , Croatia

Innovation is the cornerstone of today’s business practice and a driving force of modern economy. At the level of a common European policy, innovation (integral element of the "Europe 2020 Strategy") is considered to be a crucial agent for the creation of economic growth and employment, and the strengthening of rural area development. For many thriving companies inovations are the key factor of their growth and development. The importance and role of innovations have also been recognized in forestry, and in many developed countries, different projects and actions are being implemented related to strengthening of innovative forestry activities. This paper presents two programs which play an important role in promoting and encouraging innovation in forestry, and contribute to raising the profession’s and public awareness about the importance of innovation. One of these programs is the “Schweighofer prize” which represents Innovation Award for the European Forest-Based Sector. The other program is the “KWF innovation medal” as the award for the most innovative forestry developments/products which is being given at one of the most important forest technology events in Central Europe and one of the largest forest technology trade fairs KWF-Tagung (KWF Days) by Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik (KWF). The overview of selected programs includes innovation categories and prizes, nomination and evaluation procedure, and particularly awarded innovations, i.e. recent winners.
Additionaly, based on the conducted research in Croatian forestry, paper provides basic information about the level and condition of innovations in state forest company “Croatian forests “ Ltd. In this aspect, rather unfavourable status of innovations has been found, reflected in the low innovation culture of the company, rare innovation activities, lack of adequate incentives, bureaucratic obstacles, etc. Related to this, paper also shows the formal company attitude towards innovations and explains the main provisions of the company’s Ordinance on innovation activity.
Innovations in forestry are regarded as an instrument which can improve competitiveness of forest products and services, strengthen the development of forestry and wood processing industry, and provide successful answers to the challenges ahead. The aim of this paper is to give a framework idea about the programs aimed at promoting innovation in forestry, by presenting certain innovations and forestry innovation prizes. Through examples of successful (awarded) innovations and the presentation of two prominent initiatives for evaluation and rewarding innovations in forestry, the intention is to point out the importance of development and promotion of innovations and thus contribute to raising the innovation culture in forestry.

Ključne reči: forestry; innovation; innovation award; promoting innovations

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Datum: 22.09.2017.

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