1. Natalya Bulygina Alekseevna, Volga State University of Technology Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation
2. Aleksandr Petuhov Sergeevich, Volga State University of Technology Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation
3. Evgeniy Goncharov Alekseevich, Volga State University of Technology Yoshkar-Ola, Russian Federation

As a consequence of the Chernobyl accident form complex fields of radioactive contamination of vast territories. Monitoring the dynamics of radiological indicators using a landscape approach is a very urgent task, as the study of landscape along the profiles allows to reach all the different areas of geosystems and get more accurate information about the radio-ecological situation.
The studies were conducted on the territory of Berezniki forestry republic of Mordovia (Russia). On the territory of the major forest tree species are oak, linden and maple. The predominant type of site conditions - sudubravs. The level of radioactive Caesuim-137 deposition as of 1994 ranged from 7 to 85 kBq/m2.
The landscapes are presented:
- watershed arrays central portion Privolzhskaya hill folded carbonate rocks with gray detrital forest soils under decidu-ous forests;
- the central portions of the left basins of tributaries Sura folded diluvial loams with chernozem;
- floodplain systems.
The values vary within DER 0,07-0,10mkZv/h, which corresponds to the natural values of the territory of the European part of Russia (0,06-0,20 mkZv/h). The content of artificial radionuclides137Cs average of areas of 0,3-0,7 Ki/km². Distribution of 137Cs in the soil profile in natural (forest and riparian) sites is exponential on agricultural land - even in the depth of the plow horizon. Radionuclides in vegetation significantly lower health standards, conversion factor constitute 0,05-0,46 (Bq/kg)/(kBq/m2), maximal accumulation observed in oak leaves.

Ključne reči: landscape; radioactive contamination; radionuclides; Caesuim-137

Tematska oblast: Ekologija šuma i očuvanje prirodnih resursa

Datum: 31.10.2017.

Šumarska nauka u funkciji održivog razvoja šumarstva
25 godina šumarstva Republike Srpske

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