1. Maida Kahvić, State Regulatory Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety, Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bosnia and Herzegovina

The legal framework for the protection against the radon in Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereinafter: B&H) is outdated. It covers the works involved in the practices with ionizing sources but does not clearly defines the activities which could involve NORM.
The exiting regular program on monitoring does not include measurements of the radon concentration. Therefore, they are performed on investigation basis or by the order of the third party. Also exiting action limit is on 1000 Bq/m3 of 222Rn in the air as well as the conventional conversion factor for 222Rn is outdated. Even though, the protection against the radon exposure goes beyond the radiation protection field, the building codes, the legal framework on air quality, and many other relevant legislations in B&H do not include the recommendation on protection against radon.
As the B&H is a member of the IAEA and potential candidate for EU membership, activities of the State regulatory agency for radiation and nuclear safety (hereinafter: SRARNS), include activities on improvement and extension of the legal framework for protection against the radon exposure. This means the creation of new Regulation on monitoring of radioactivity in B&H, more precise legislation on activities which could involve NORM, more accurate action limit and state-of-the-art the conventional conversion factor for 222Rn. Also, better coordination between relevant authorities (such as health, building, education, environment, occupational protection, etc.) on this topic is in progress. The most important activity 222Rn matter is the national technical cooperation project with the IAEA TC for the cycle 2020-2021. Through this project B&H will gather first comprehensive measurements of the radon concentration from the whole territory in systematic way. The result of this project will help to create a first versions of the database and map re the radon concentration. The working group, made of the representatives of the relevant institutions, will have to decide which following steps B&H’s government will need to do to enable its citizens healthier living and working environment when it comes to the protection against the radon exposure.

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Datum: 02.08.2019.

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