Results and experience from the new test working of the station for the purification the fecal waste water in Volkovo

1. Stojan Srbinoski, P.E.Wather supply company Skopje, Macedonia

During this trial period should be tested site parameters, which were designed and to perform the calibration of the necessary technical parameters that were related to the SCADA system for continuous tracking and managementin the functioning of the cellsfor wastewater treatment. The main task of the probation of the wastewater treatment station Volkovois a creation of a lending mil in SBR bioaeration basin through which the process will be carried out on biological treatment. It is also necessary to create conditions for the natural cycle of replacement of the old mill with a new mill, which will be processed by the processing of the line for the sludge, via centrifugation the sludge, and its neutralization by means of liquid polyelectrolyte.Bearing into account that it is about a totally new building with one integrated processing line that contains in itself the mechanicaltreatment, biologically treatment and the treatment of the wastesludge, it is necessary to draw from the experiences of already existing station for the treatment of the waste water and to apply in the new treatment cells as finished solutions which can also contribute to the improvement of the work of the treatment station for the faecal waste water.Primary results refer to the time of the deposition of the sludge and the creation of its own active sludge in SBR bioaeration pools and the concentration of oxygen in the SBR bioaeration pools, through which can be obtained the basic mathematical dependence for thesuccess of the release in thetrial operation of treatment station Volkovo.

Ključne reči: rial operation; SBR bioaeration pools; Concentration of oxygen; Mathematical dependence between parameters. sludge

Tematska oblast: SIMPOZIJUM C - Voda

Datum: 02.08.2019.

Contemporary Materials 2019 - Savremeni Materijali

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