Design of Tesla-Tiffany Cascade Fountain as a sample of Tesla`s research creativity in field of Mechanical Engineering

1. Aleksandar Marinković, Serbia

Nikola Tesla, scientist and inventor, lived and worked in the period that includes the 19th and 20 century. Belongs to the rare inventors whose inventions are more than a hundred years have not stopped to this day to be current and a recognizable and consistently attract the attention of many scientists and researchers. And it was not just an invention but a series of new revelations, from those in the fields of electrical engineering, lighting technology, radio technology, to a number of high-current applications in industry and medicine, and unusual, but the original inventions in mechanical engineering and aviation.

Tesla's work in mechanical engineering, has so far been less studied and published, and therefore deserves special attention and interest not only scientists but also a chronicler of his life. More than twenty years of work in the early 20th century, Nikola Tesla is dedicated to research in this area. Created in a wide range in mechanical engineering, basing their work on finding solutions that are based on sound physical laws. Often, without using a well established engineering principles, its own way to come to genuine and interesting solutions. Of particular importance is its contribution to the development of new types of turbo machinery initiated the original idea of a machine for energy exchange with beautiful views and disposition of voluminous cascades, all this with relatively law energy consumption.

Aim of this paper is to present original Tesla Tiffany Cascade Fountain design, as a result of Tesla`s creativity in field of Mechanical Engineering. Using the original sketches, technical drawings and some calculations related to the dimensions of fountain elements, authors of the paper analyze and describe his ideas for power train and fluid flow design. In addition the paper gives some recent calculations as a comment and contribution to the original Tesla`s design in aim to show some modifications and improvements in this construction. In aim to complete this attempt, also CAD model of fountain variations with its components used to be done.

Tematska oblast: Mehanika i konstrukcije

Uvodni rad: Da

Datum: 30.12.2010.

Br. otvaranja: 1023

11th International Conference on Accomplishments in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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