1. Zorana Stamenkovic, Stomatoloski fakultet u Beogradu, Serbia
2. Nenad Nedeljković, Clinic of Orthodontics, School of Dentistry, University of Belgrade, Serbia
3. Vladan Mirjanić, Medicinski fakultet Banja Luka , Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
4. Vanja Stojic, Stomatoloski fakultet u Beogradu, Serbia
5. Jovan Markovic, 'Stomatoloski fakultet Univerzitet u Beogradu, Serbia
6. Zoran Jezdic, 'Stomatoloski fakultet Univerzitet u Beogradu, Serbia

Abstract: Severe skeletal Class III and facial asymmetry requires combined orthodontic and surgical procedure in correction of sagittal and transversal deviations between upper and lower jaw.
Aim: The aim of this case was to present effects of combined orthodontic and surgical treatment on craniofacial morphology and whole facial aesthetics.
Matherial and method: In this case girl in the age of 17 years was treated. She had severe skeletal Class III caused by mandibular prognatism, latherognatio, open bite and cross bite. In the beginning of treatment overbite was -3.5mm and overjet -6mm. Parameters on lateral cephalogram in the beginning of orthodontic procedure were: SNA 83°, SNB 88°, ANB -5°, SN/SpP 9°, SN/MP 38°, SpP/MP 29°, sum of angles of Björk's polygon 396°, Jarabak ratio 63.26%, I/SpP 47°, i/MP 98°. Orthodontic preparation for surgical treatment lasted 21 months with upper and lower fixed appliance. Surgical procedure included an intervention on both jaws, with extraction of teeth 38 and 48. Orthodontic treatment was finished 6 months after surgical intervention.
Results and conclusion: Parameters on control lateral cephalogram in the end of treatment were: SNA 82°, SNB 81°, ANB 1°, SN/SpP 12°, SN/MP 38°, SpP/MP 26°, sum of angles of Björk's polygon 394°, Jarabak ratio 64,20%, I/SpP 63°, i/MP 87°. Patient had stable occlusion in Class I with overjet 1.5mm and overbite 3mm. Both segment of treatment improved significantly facial aesthetics in profile and en face and provided correct occlusion in all three directions.

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Tematska oblast: SIMPOZIJUM B - Biomaterijali i nanomedicina

Datum: 31.03.2022.

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