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Hotel Park Royal Palace

Wien, Austria
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You want the very best, but love subtlety; for you, there’s no contradiction between innovation and tradition; the great outdoors and fresh air are as important to you as art and culture. The Park Royal Palace has it all.

Even the hotel’s exterior blends apparent opposites with its clean lines and openness. The facade is gold-coloured but minimalistic, eschewing unnecessary ornamentation. The theme continues seamlessly inside, with contemporary design and innovative features from reception to your room. Experience Karina Sakissova’s definition of luxury in the suite named after her: lovingly designed and furnished by the former State Opera prima ballerina herself, it invites you into fairytale world of luxury, as will the exclusive view of Schönbrunn Palace Gardens and the Gloriette. Since luxury has nothing to with being superficial or wasteful, we continue to take care behind the scenes at the Park Royal Palace – as shown by the fact that our hotel has been awarded the Austrian eco-label.



46 The number of eye-catching, decorative silver balls in our lobby. 

455 The number of our luxurious Sarkissova Suite

500 A journey back in time to the historic Schönbrunn Palace is just 500 steps away from the hotel.

900m² - The size of our conferencing area that is the meeting place of 20,000 delegates every year.


Гео координате: 48.191358 , 16.3143583

Мјесто одржавања

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502 The 13th International Conference on Mobile Web and Intelligent Information Systems 22.08.2016.