Efficiency of outsourcing in the Slovak forestry – data and facts

1. Miroslav Kovalčík, National Forest Centre, Slovakia

Competitive pressure and the current globalization force enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency of all production activities. The same is true for forestry. Requirements to increased efficiency in production and non-production branch lead to the facts that enterprises ceased to carry out some activities internally. Specialized organizations providing services have been established. The first part of the paper presents the economic and financial results of all subjects in the Slovak forestry sector for 2016 and analyzes the development of selected economic indicators for the period 2014 - 2016.
Efforts to optimize realisation of business activities lead the enterprise managers to such strategic decisions that are aimed at the shifting of the chosen enterprise performance to the external subjects. These subjects are able to provide such activities at the higher quality and lower costs. Similar situation is present also in the case of Slovakia as well as in the case of forestry where now more than 95 % of silvicultural and harvesting activities are provided by the independent hired contractors. In comparison with the year 2000, the volume of outsourced operations is more than tripled. Today the business sector in forestry achieves sales of around 200 million EUR. The paper in the second part, based on the set of secondary data, analyses the development of share of silvicultural and harvesting activities realised by contractors, presents the economic and financial data of contractors and analyses efficiency of outsourcing in the Slovak forestry.
This publication was supported by the project APVV-15-0487 Research on efficiency of forestry services outsourcing.

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Datum: 08.09.2017.

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