Forest fire and biological diversity

1. Zbigniew Borowski, Forest Research Institute, Poland
2. Wojciech Gil, Forest Research Institute, Poland
3. Lidia Yalkovskaya, 2Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, Russian Federation

Since prehistoric times fires have been an important factor of natural disturbance and natural selection in many forest ecosystems. Now in majority of Central European countries burned areas are artificially regenerated by planting trees. That is why processes of natural forest regeneration in burned forests cannot be observed. Therefore, in central Poland for natural regeneration was created the reference area in forest which was burned in May 2015, where various elements of the natural environment are observed. In the presentation we will discuss the changes in the structure of insects, birds and small mammals community.

The work was financially supported by the grant 500-432 to ZB and rfbr №16-04-01486 to LY

Ključne reči: forest fire; biological diversity; natural disturbance; natural regeneration

Tematska oblast: Ekologija šuma i očuvanje prirodnih resursa

Datum: 05.09.2017.

Šumarska nauka u funkciji održivog razvoja šumarstva
25 godina šumarstva Republike Srpske

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