1. Obrenija Kalamanda, Univerzitet za poslovne studije , Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Ljiljana Stojanović Bjelić, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Organic agriculture is a system that manages agricultural production in a way that promotes biodiversity, circulation of matter in nature, soil biological activity and environmental protection. Organic, biological or ecological agricultural production is carried out without the use of fertilizers and synthetic products to protect plants. Instead organic farming uses organic fertilizers or natural fertilizers along side natural, biological methods are used. It is based on minimal use of materials that are not derived from farms and the production practices that establishe, maintain and improve the organic balance. Long – term organic farming can be established if it is organized on the principle of protection of human health and the environment.
In the last decade, reports of the negative effects of intensive agricultural production on water quality and soil, biodiversity and animal welfare has hightened concern in society about the way the food that we eat is produced. Therefore, consumers increasingly demand healthy, safe food that is produced in a way that does not harm the environment, ensures high animal welfare standards and which creates a healthy rural economy.
Organic farming aims to improve the health and productivity of interdependent communities, the quality of life, land, plants, animals and humans, and produce safe, quality food in an environmentally sustainable manner.
The aim of this paper is to identify and analyse organic agricultural production in the Republic of Srpska, to determine the number of producers and the total area registered as being under organic production. Starting from the subject of study, this paper is testing the null hypothesis. The null hypothesis states that there is organic plant and animal food production in the Republic of Srpska.

Ključne reči: Organic production; safe food; area

Tematska oblast: Prehrambene tehnologije

Datum: 18.07.2016.

XI Savjetovanje hemičara, tehnologa i ekologa Republike Srpske

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