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Antunović Zagreb Hotel & Congress Center

Zagrebačka avenija 100 A
Zaprešić, Croatia

+385 1 2041 111
: Venue, Accommodation



The Antunović Zagreb Hotel & Congress Center 4* had it's grand opening on September 1st, 2006., as a newest addition to the Antunović group. 

Antunović ­TA ltd. consists of 4 hotels in 4 Antunović centers on 4 different locations: Brčko and Orašje in Bosnia & Herzegovina,  Sesvetski Kraljevac and Zagreb in Croatia. An Antunovic gas station is located by every center. 

The owner and the chairman of the board is Mr. Tomislav Antunović, whose entrepreneurial marathon has lasted over four decades.

It all began back in 1968 with a small construction company, following in 1988 with the first privately owned gas station in Brčko. In 1992 the headquarters of the company moved to Zagreb, Croatia. The restless entrepreneurial spirit of this family owned company is what will drive this successful business even further in the upcoming years.


Geographic coordinates: 45.860906465896804 , 15.785551071166992