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Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin"

Djure Djakovica bb
Zrenjanin, Serbia

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About the Faculty

Today Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" is, after 39 years of its foundation, the most important university level institution in Banat, and a responsible member of the University of Novi Sad. In 2010, the Faculty adopted its Development Strategy in accordance with the strategy of the University, labour market needs and regional social development with simultaneous branding of the faculty increasing its material and nonmaterial values. The base of the Strategy is the choice of study programs interesting for industry, continual improvement of the teaching process quality, development of students' research abilities, students' and teachers' mobility, cooperation with regional industrial and institutional environment with an aim of graduated students' easy and quick integration into industrial courses and their further contribution to increase innovativeness and competitiveness of local and regional industry. (says Prof. Milan Pavlovic, Ph.D. for the NIN)


At the moment 2000 students study at the Faculty actively. Instruction at the Faculty on all three levels of academic studies is accredited. Basic and master studies are delivered in field of Information Technologies, Industrial Engineering, Clothing Technologies, and Engineering Management on doctoral studies since 2012. Engineering of Environmental Safety is a joint study program with the Faculty of Technical Sciences inNovi Sad. The process of re-accreditation is underway, for which we prepare innovations in accordance with the demands and recognized needs of industry. A great number of our graduated students work on high positions in worldwide known companies.


Recognizing the problems in smaller urban environments in which industry faces emigration of qualitative human resources, the Faculty has established cooperation with business associations that gather the most successful industrial subjects from the region, and in which the students perform activities under the slogan "Working to get a position". The aim of these activities is to introduce students during their studies to real industrial fields, and employers to recognize them as future associates in their business systems. One of these associations is the business cycle ZREPOK that gathers businessmen from the region with whom we have had successful cooperation for years with mutual satisfaction. Today our Faculty is an institution with the most intensive and innovative-educational process in the region for which we were awarded "Kapetan Misa Anastasijevic" prize.


We are especially proud of the report of the Provincial National Employment Office according to which our faculty is the only one that has a decreasing trend of graduated students' presence on the labour market. It is a result of cooperation with industry and recognition of industrial problems through teaching process as an integration of students into industrial trends. More and more we often have calls from industry to suggest students who complete their studies and who are able to handle certain problems.


According to the number of papers published in top world journals indexed on SCI list we are on a high position in the Serbian Academic Association. We are on the top inSerbiaaccording to the number of international conferences where we have partners from the European Union in accordance with the number of employees. The Faculty carries out a great number of international, national, and provincial projects as projects of cooperation with industry where the number of students is significant.


One of the greatest successes of the Faculty was the second place in the World in 2010 in Microsoft's "Image Cup" competition in the category of software design for solving merciful problems of humanity, which is considered to be the greatest success of Serbian informatics until now. We have been the fourth as the most successful representative from our region on the world competition organized by the New Yorker Company held inGermany. A Student Researcher Club has been established and it works successfully. Following the quality and high educational standards of theUniversityofNovi Sad, very often innovating them, we upgrade our quality daily first directed to effective and qualitative integration of graduated students into industrial fields for we think that their success is the base of our work quality criterion. 


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