Academy of Sciences of Albania

Academy of Sciences of Albania

Tirana, Albania

+355 4 23 03 05
+355 4 23 03 05

Academic Institution

The Academy of Sciences of Albania was founded in 1972. It is the highest and the most important scientific institution in the Republic of Albania. It is an independent institution. It puts together the most prominent scientists of the country, that is, those who bear the title of “Academician? It includes other scientific institutions, centers and organisms, in its system. Eligible for membership are active scientists with an excellent scientific record. The new legislation on the Academy of Sciences lays down its position as an independent institution. It is financed by the Government.

The main functions of the Academy are:

  • It carries out studies and researches in various fields of science.
  • It takes care of opening new scientific fields. dirname
  • It takes care for the organization of the well-keeping of the National Network of the monitoring in its institutions.
  • It cooperates with other scientific institutions and universities in Albania. botlink
  • It supports the active participation of the scientific societies and foundations in their scientific activities.
  • It organizes the procedures of obtaining scientific degrees and titles. dirsense
  • It organizes national and international activities. linkslegend
  • The creation of new relations and the cooperation with foreign Academies.


Geographic coordinates: 41.326297 - 19.822829

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