Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš

Niš, Serbia

+381 18 588 255
+381 18 588 244

Academic Institution

For the following period, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš has set itself a goal to further adopt international standards, innovate the working process, transfer knowledge, continuously improve quality and its scientific offspring, connect through multidisciplinary activities and strive for excellence, so as to develop the image of a modern European faculty with a recognizable identity whose degrees will become even more desired.

Furthermore, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš has also set itself another challenge and a very comprehensive task: assuming the role of one of the bearers of the economic and social renewal and development of this region. Apart from improving the education and scientific research as the fundamental activities, the Faculty is ready to affirm itself as an entrepreneurial institution as well, determined to take on part of the responsibility for finding a way out of the current state of affairs for this part of Serbia.



Geographic coordinates: 43.3305739 - 21.8896042

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