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1.RFID Conference –Zagreb 2014

RFID Conference program

Enzo Blonk GS1 Global / Head Office

"The wonderful world of GS1 and EPC (and some concrete use cases)"

Veljko Bituh / SELMET d.o.o.

"RFID Introduction"

"RFID and NFC in Cold Chain Monitoring"

"GS1 i EPC"

"RFID in Meat industry. Case study PIK Vrbovec"

"GS1 EPC/RFID standards  in tracebility function“


The scope of program:

Fields of implementation

What is EPC (electronic product code)?

What are challenges and problems at implementation?

Invited speakers and sponsors will present RFID products, components and applied solutions.

As there is no more field in human activities and business where RFID does not took place, you may find the answer how to use RFID technology in your  specific case.

Date: 13.04.2014.