1. Rusmir Bajrić, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina , Bosnia and Herzegovina

Due to continuous growth increasing in demand for energy derived from coal there is a need to analyze mine site operation and production time and also need to lower total cost. Availability is directly connected to the system up time and at the same time profitability of system. In this paper the analysis of redundant conveyor belt waste overburden transport systems of coal mine Dubrave. Increasing profitability and market competitiveness of the manufacturing system is often reflected in decreasing production costs. One method for achieving this objective is to increase the availability of the production system. This paper seeks to identify and quantify the reasons for delay of the production system and at the same conveyor belt transport systems at opencast mine which is irredundant, with respect to reservation. Failures of this production system is a direct reduction in profitability, or increased losses, which is why availability analysis is of great importance.

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Tematska oblast: Održavanje tehničkih sistema

Uvodni rad: Da

Datum: 05.02.2011.

Br. otvaranja: 1007

11th International Conference on Accomplishments in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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