The contribution to definition of thermal-electro conductivity phenomena in synthetized diamonds

1. Vojislav V. Mitić, Univerzitet u Nišu, Elektronski fakultet, Aleksandra Medvedeva 14, 18000 Niš, Serbia
2. Sandra Veljkovic, University of Nis, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Nis, Serbia
3. Goran Lazović, Serbia
4. Markus Mohr, Institute of Micro and Nanomaterials, Ulm University, Germany
5. Hans Jirgin Feht, Univerzitet Ulm, Odeljenje za materijale, 89081 Ulm, Nemačka, Germany

Aldo, most diamonds are good thermal conductors, but electrical insulators, investigation of thermal and electro conductivity can be used for distinguishing it from other materials and identifying impurities in a genuine diamond. Synthetized diamonds show different properties. The knowledge of basic properties of the materials allows better using of their applications in different scientific and other areas. By experimental procedures, it is observed interesting phenomena, that if electrical conductivity is increasing, the thermal conductivity has reciprocal behavioral. Considering that grain size is very small in deposited films of synthetized diamonds, there are a lot of grain boundaries on entire volume of film. This leads to very complex electronic transport properties which are different to commonly used lattice-based band approximations. Electronic properties can be improved by involving impurities. Analysis of this phenomena is subject of this paper.

Tematska oblast: SIMPOZIJUM A - Nauka materije, kondenzovane materije i fizika čvrstog stanja

Datum: 01.08.2018.

Contemporary Materials 2018 - Savremeni Materijali

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