1. Petar Mirosavljević, Serbia
2. Dalibor Pešić, Saobraćajni fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Serbia
3. Mijailović Radomir, Saobraćajni fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Serbia
4. Marina Miloš, Serbia

In the city congested area there is an increasing trend of involving helicopters and helicopter flights for police, military and civilian needs. First of all, there is a trends of panoramic flight and flight for the medical transport of patients. A special aspect is the helicopter transport of passengers in road traffic who have suffered accidents on road and experience injuries dangerous to life. Helidrome as the aviation infrastructure element contain approach and take off surface that extend from the edge of the helidrome Safety Area to reach 152m altitude above the ground. Approach and take off surface in the helicopters located in the city congested area pass through road traffic routes of different rank. The paper identifies a problem that is not adequately addressed and solved which is crossing of the helicopter airway and physically constructed roads. In domestic and foreign regulations, there is no relevant solution for adequately informing of road users and air traffic user about the crossing of these two types of traffic, which can endanger the safety of road and air traffic and cause damage to third parties. The aim of the paper is to encourage the processes and involve road signs for public road which inform users of roads of presence transport helicopters in low flight.

Ključne reči: helicopter; helidrome; road; intersection

Tematska oblast:

Datum: 15.10.2019.

VIII Međunarodna konferencija Bezbjednost saobraćaja u lokalnoj zajednici

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