University of Applied Science of Southern Switzerland

Lugano, Switzerland

+41 58 666 60 14
+41 58 666 60 01

Academic Institution

In a society marked by profound changes, SUPSI produces, develops and disseminates knowledge and expertise as propellant forces fundamental to supporting the economic, social, technological and artistic progress of the region, and to contributing to the cultural and ethical growth of both society as a whole and its individual members.

In order to achieve this goal, SUPSI operates in the fields of first and second level university education, continuing education, applied research, and in the provision of consulting and support services to businesses and institutions, adopting a collaborative and cooperative stance with the main interlocutors.

SUPSI acts as a cultural and relational bridge connecting Southern Switzerland – which can be defined as the chosen reference region – to the rest of Switzerland and to Northern Italy.

The distinctive features of SUPSI are its ability to:

  • achieve a harmonious amalgamation of its university and professional roles, by focussing specifically on quality when operating in its diverse sectors;
  • when necessary, adopt a multidisciplinary approach, in response to the demands of an increasingly complex situation requiring the application of a broad range of skills and knowledge;
  • understand and satisfy the needs of the various stakeholders, in line with the principles of sustainable development.


Geographic coordinates: 46.0299412 - 8.9247811

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