1. David Razboršek, Zavod Vozim, Slovenia
2. Barbara Kos, Zavod VOZIM, Slovenia
3. Maja Rošer, Slovenia

"Heroes drive in pajamas" is an innovative all Slovenian initiative of cross-sectoral integration for reducing driving under the influence of alcohol and other illicit psychoactive substances and usage use of alcohol and other illicit psychoactive substances in everyday life among young people. Cross-sectoral integration takes place between different stakeholders on two levels between young people, youth centers, local decision makers, national experts in the field of road traffic safety and public health, parents and economic partners. One of the most important initiators and parts of the integration are the victims of road traffic accidents, who raise awareness among the target groups about the significance of road traffic safety, through sharing personal stories on how their disregarding road traffic safety drastically changed their lives and chained them to the wheelchair. It is a unique project that binds in the field of connecting different stakeholders through the mission of improving road traffic safety among young people. Thereby the initiative "Heroes
drive in pajamas" contributes to the design and implementation of concrete solutions that lead to improving road traffic safety in the local environment.

Ključne reči: road traffic safety; driving under the influence; young drivers; Heroes drive in pajamas; Zavod VOZIM

Tematska oblast: Bezbjedniji učesnici u saobraćaju

Datum: 20.10.2018.

VII Međunarodna konferencija Bezbjednost saobraćaja u lokalnoj zajednici

Stranice u zborniku:
89 - 96

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